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Landscaping & Irrigation Projects

New Installations, Revisions, Repairs and Maintenance

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Spring & Summer Services

The majority of our mowing routes are filled to capacity. Contact us to see if there is placement available in your area.

We operate several maintenance and landscaping crews to perform projects. Due to the workload of the season, estimates may take up to two weeks depending upon the complexity of the project. Project scheduling varies from 2-6 weeks out. Contact us to secure placement in our schedules.
We Strongly Support the United States Navy!

Recently, Attorney General Robert Ferguson announced his decision to file suit against the Department of the Navy based on the complaints from a small special interest group. Three Men and a Mower, LLC is veteran-owned and we would like to voice our support for the United States Navy and Whidbey Naval Air Station. 

Naval training activities have long been a part of life on Whidbey Island and so should it remain that way.